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Child Custody

Child Custody in Queens

What is child custody?

Custody legally determines parents’ rights when it comes to their child/ren. Custody is commonly viewed in two different categories: legal custody and physical custody.

Legal custody involves a parent’s right to make decisions about their child’s general welfare and upbringing. This includes education, medical care, religion, and other aspects of the child’s life.

Physical custody is a parent’s right to have a child live with him/her. This type of custody may also include other arrangements such as sole physical custody and visitation.

Child custody – a personal matter

Child custody is often called a “battle,” and it can be an emotionally difficult and stressful event for parents and children alike. If you are considering a divorce or a child custody case, there will be some tough questions to answer and possible disagreements with your spouse or family members. Fortunately, the team at the Law Offices of Bruce Feinstein, Esq. have over a decade of experience working with these emotionally charged cases and finding the best possible outcome.

A child custody proceeding usually begins when the individual seeking custody of a child files a petition with family court. The individual and his/her spouse will be asked to appear before a judge in court to begin the custody process. The length of the custody case can vary based on its complexity and issues that need to ultimately be resolved.

In the case that both spouses cannot agree to joint custody or a reasonable custody settlement, the case will continue. There may be an attorney appointed to represent the best interests of the child, and the judge will listen to information about the family situation and other factors that can influence the final determination such as alcohol and drug use, home environment and stability, finances, and the opinions of the child. Ultimately, the judge will determine which party is awarded custody – both physical and legal – of the child.

Once a final judgment is made, there are often other issues to cover and questions that arise. What about visitation, supervised visitation and alimony? How are these issues covered in a joint custody ruling? Every family’s case is unique, so it is important to work with a trusted divorce attorney who can take you through every step of the divorce and child custody process.

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