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Orders of Protection

Protecting Yourself, Protecting Your Family

The health and safety of you and your family is a number one priority – if you are the victim of harassment, violence or threatening behavior, you may need to contact a Queens attorney for an Order of Protection. Read on to learn more about this powerful legal tool and how it can help you.

What is an Order of Protection?

An Order of Protection is issued by the court to protect an individual against someone who harms or threatens to harm him/her. It is used to address issues such as domestic violence, assault, stalking, and reckless endangerment. Orders of Protection can be issued by family courts, criminal courts, and Supreme Courts.

You do not need to be married to someone to file for an Order of Protection against him/her. This legal tool can protect you from someone who is a current or former spouse, relative, someone with whom you had a child, or someone with whom you had an intimate (but not necessarily sexual) relationship.

After filing, the court may issue a temporary Order of Protection against the abuser. This may require that person to:

  • Stay away from you and your children
  • Stay away from your home and place of work
  • Refrain from communicating with you and your children
  • Follow custody orders
  • Surrender firearms
  • Pay for property damage of legal fees

After the temporary Order of Protection is issued, you and the recipient of the order will be asked to appear in court. During this appearance you can state your case as to why this temporary Order of Protection should become a final Order of Protection. After the hearing the judge will determine whether or not to grant this request. A Temporary Order of Protection usually lasts from one court date to the next court date. A Final Order of Protection can last from one to several years, depending on the case.

The Law Offices of Bruce Feinstein, Esq. take your safety and the safety of your loved ones very seriously, so please do not hesitate to contact us right away. We want our clients to feel safe and be able to move on with their lives knowing that they have people who will advocate for them and their families when issues arise.

We are dedicated to your wellbeing and can help you every step of the way.

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