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Family Law

Family Law and Family Attorneys in Queens

Getting through a legal issue is difficult – but getting through a family law issue can be a complex and personal battle. Family law disputes are never easy ones to resolve, but that doesn’t mean they are impossible to overcome. Having someone well versed in family law on your side can make the process much easier and faster for you and your loved ones.

Family law includes several kinds of legal issues, such as:

  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
  • Paternity Cases
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • Adoption
  • Surrogacy
  • Guardianship

The Law Offices of Bruce Feinstein, Esq. have spent over 15 years dedicating themselves to the practice of family law and divorce. We know how difficult these issues can be for you, your family, and your children. Every case doesn’t just need a family law attorney – it also needs an advocate, a guide, and a support system. That’s where Mr. Feinstein and his team come in – the know how to address each case and work to improve and protect it. They are also aware that every family law case is an individual one. You may be going through a divorce, or you already had one and now need protecting you family. Maybe you need to resolve a paternity issue to help get child support. No matter the situation, the Law Offices of Bruce Feinstein, Esq. are ready to approach every case using over a decade of experience with previous clients.

You may be facing a tough legal battle in order to secure your rights; don’t make it harder by going through it without the proper family law attorney. Family law issues can get very personal and feel like an invasion of privacy, so Mr. Feinstein makes sure to deal with every case in a courteous and compassionate manner. You deserve respect as much as you deserve strong legal representation. And hiring a family law attorney means hiring a third party that can offer skilled representation to ensure the safety and stability of your family.

Make sure you get powerful legal counsel you can trust – it is both a responsible and an empowering choice for you.

Queens Family Law Attorney

Let us help you during this difficult time. Family law issues are personal, so don’t let finding an experienced family law attorney in Queens be a stressful part of this process. The Law Offices of Bruce Feinstein, Esq. have spent more than 15 years fighting to preotect the rights of their clients. They know that legal issues should not take over your life, so they will work to help your family law case run quickly while keeping your budget in mind.

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